The Secret to Focusing on What Matters

Good thing to read…..

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October 24

24th October is observed as United Nation Day all around the world. In 2012, October was very eventful in my life. Since then, my sense of advancement got stack for some reasons. The way of self-development has become quite impossible in mine. Knowledge-based progress is now easy to say but tough to get! Sometimes, it becomes so unbearable to continue when a person can recognize all of his potentials but he fails to make a proper attempt to achieve a good output using his potentials. Again, circumstances often make bound us to act in a line with traditional thoughts. I am trying and trying ….yet i am not finding any end of this phenomena……:(

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“Smart enough d…

“Smart enough does not always necessarily mean happy enough”—-Saquib Hasan

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Global Social Business Summit: Saquib Hasan

Global Social Business Summit: Saquib Hasan

Saquib Hasan

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Photography 101: The Rules and Elements of Composition

Nice write up for a photographer…….

The Daily Post

Recently, photographer Wenjie Zhang introduced us to the fundamentals of light. Let’s continue our journey through the Photography 101 series and move on to composition. For the next few installments, photographer (and active Daily Post participant) Jeff Sinon takes the reins. Here in part one, he introduces some of the “rules” and elements of composition, and in part two, he’ll offer insights and tips on how to find the best shot.

Jeff illustrates his points with stunning landscapes and nature scenes he’s captured, taken mainly with his Canon 7D, but you can apply his techniques to your own images, no matter your camera or subject matter. Let’s go!

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Corporate Conference with FISL

Corporate Conference with FISL

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Dhaka @ Winter Season

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“Extracts From Adam’s Diary” — Mark Twain

Yea..sometimes, thinking in that way really make us feel good. But, how long this feeling can sustain…nobody knows! Whatever it is…I love to read Mark Twain from my very childhood!


MONDAY — This new creature with the long hair is a good deal in the way. It is always hanging around and following me about. I don’t like this; I am not used to company. I wish it would stay with the other animals. . . . Cloudy today, wind in the east; think we shall have rain. . . . WE? Where did I get that word-the new creature uses it.

TUESDAY — Been examining the great waterfall. It is the finest thing on the estate, I think. The new creature calls it Niagara Falls-why, I am sure I do not know. Says it LOOKS like Niagara Falls. That is not a reason, it is mere waywardness and imbecility. I get no chance to name anything myself. The new creature names everything that comes along, before I can get in a protest. And always that same pretext is offered…

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Sometimes, I look the same stone of light that other people also look for. But, truth is that we are earth hidden within the mines of space. If there was knowledge there’d be no action. I fear the pause, the allotted time. It sinks, truthfully. I know we cherish the denial of our times. Like young nihilists. I dug for truth, through turd and stink. Emptiness. Holes. Awakening. There is nothing. We’ve dug holes, nothing more; philosophical pits.From the beginning permanently remains only  the perplexity,  in the life of bewilderment absolute is the paradoxical irony.

The horizon alights like a dormant lip.
The most important thing of the day
was not seen but felt.
Joy was not in me but around me.
Like a pool of emotion, I drift from
one spill to another. Joy. Boredom. Dread.
I’ve been wandering the whole day. Looking
at things as if they were rocks covered in moss.
The clouds were protagonists .
They are immobile, the city below balloons in ripples.
The line between the lips swallows the light,
the waves and the purpose.
A delicate gulp. Swollen with twilight.
One single nerve aches.
The one whose function
is to sense life.

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Way to go……

Last couple of months, I rarely feel any occasions to be enjoyed in relax. Mental pressure, I guess, is the most stressful thing to continue. Sometimes, life without any passion can destruct all expectations. More the gap between expectation and achievement, more the stress will be……

Most of the time, no person can ever experience all that life has to offer. It is only through sharing experiences, feelings, insights – that we can hope to grow beyond our own meager lifetime. However, life still goes in its own way…..sometimes under our control or sometimes under the control of nature………..Yet, life goes on…..goes on like a roller coaster……………..

I love to recall CHASE for his sense of life!

See the hope and courage in the strength of the petals.
As long as I am, I will be.
The flower will never wilt or die.
As my life grows back, I shall become strong.
I shall become only dependent on one.
That one will be me.
I will rise with my petals high.
My life as a flower will bloom and prosper as I grow.
I may not be the pick of the patch, but I am just as beautiful as the rest.

I will stand as one, but not a lonely soul.
The tears will be far from my smile.

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