Focus is Essential……….

The center of interest can be considered as FOCUS. In another way we can have the concept of focus as a generic point of convergence. If we may think the terminology of focusing then it would be like entering into special kind of AWARENESS. It’s a common type of suggestion by seniors that one must be focused if one really wants to be an achiever. Now-a-days, this term hits my mind regularly. Then what I find is not really inspiring at all. Focus is haphazard or the way I am focusing has the possibility to be modified or improved. However, who knows the end in true sense! We can just assume or sometimes predict!

In the professional world, it is often said that focus is essential and it is somehow a precondition of successful decision-making. Outside of these bookish words, I feel it is important as it is required.  Renowned Philosopher Jim Rohn often says, “Give whatever you are doing and whoever you are with the gift of your attention.” It seems quite true to me that ATTENTION is a kind of thing what is essential to have the ultimate focus. In a nutshell, individual focuses may be different but they all must have the common nature that is attention with POSITIVITY. What we surround our-self with will be a big influence on us. Positive voices, people and surroundings will lift us up and can easily redirect our attention on to the positive aspects of life………..

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