CHANGE is not easy!

Whenever we think about a major change that should be taken place in our society, it becomes ridiculous from our individual point of view. But, there is no doubt that change will be possible only when it can be occurred from the root level of a society and this is individual’s change. As long as our mentality can not absorb the significance of the change, it will never be possible to have the scenario that we are always expecting to see through a major change in the society. Individual beliefs and attitudes are the most important things that are needed to be well modified according to the demand of time and evolution. Individual’s change can largely be influenced by proper educational system in both family and institutional level. In this regard, we must not forget about our own limitations and implementation capacity that are required for a positive change. I can recall Gandhi here who said,“The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problem’.

Last but not the least, a macro-level change is possible only when we can ensure the proper change in individual level and this must be happened in together. And again I need say, for a better world, we must work together.

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